Max Menge

Max Menge


Kameramann, Cutter, Colorist



Tag: Tattoo

dreh / grading

Diamante Murru Portrait

Dieses kurze ARTIST INTERVIEW über Diamante Murru habe ich für Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment gedreht und das Color Grading erstellt. Schnitt: Nils Hünerfürst

dreh / grading

Tattooing Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hyperrealistic tattoo artist KLAUS HU FRUHMANN uses Cheyenne’s SOL Nova Unlimited for his ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER portrait. The SOL Nova Unlimited is Cheyenne’s WIRELESS tattoo machine

audio produktion

AL FORNO Podcast

Two friends – one a tattoo artist, the other making grills. Both of them strong-opinioned about everything. Al Forno is a weekly podcast about work,


Capillary Cartridges

A product video for the (r)evolutionary tattoo cartridge system of Cheyenne. 3D visuals and rendering by Cheyenne. Concept and editing by me.

dreh / schnitt / grading

SOL Nova Unlimited Teaser

Promotional teaser for Cheyenne’s newest, wireless tattoo machine. I was tasked with pre production (concept, storyboarding), production (instructing team and talents, lighting, shooting) and post


Virtual Tattoo Gathering (live)

Das Virtual Tattoo Gathering war ein Livestream-Format, das an zwei Tagen für jeweils 8 Stunden produziert wurde. 2 Moderatoren, 3 Gäste, diverse Zoom-Calls. Ich hatte

dreh / schnitt

Artist Portrait – Felix Seele

Felix Seele grew up in a small town near Erfurt and left his hometown in 2009 to study in Erfurt. In 2013, in addition to


Tattoo Produktfotografie

Für Print- und Online-Kampagnen habe ich für Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment diese Reihe an Produkt-Shots fotografiert und bearbeitet.